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    North Hollywood, California
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EZ Plumbing

Initial Report

Before we implemented our SEO campaign, we took a baseline keyword ranking report. This report was generated using the 12 keywords chosen by our experts and approved by the client.

Initial Report Summary

Shown above you'll see that the client started with 2 of the chosen keywords placed in the top 10 positions of Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

SEO Implementation

We then implemented our campaign using the keywords in the above report. We created short descriptions for each keyword and use those to build relevant links to their website.

Here's what those rankings look like after 8 weeks
Within the first 8 weeks, the site has gained over 100 inbound links and has increased the number of top 10 placements to 29, up from 2 when we started.

The campaign has shown great success in its first 8 weeks. Top 10 placements are on the rise and traffic is increasing daily. The upward trend will continue as our SEO efforts continue to push the site to the top of search results.