Local Chinese Restaurant

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    Nashua, New Hampshire
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Local Chinese Restaurant

This client has been with us since March 2019. They have 2 restaurants in 2 different locations in southern New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts. They had never had any SEO work done for them before and came to us because their business had become stagnant due to the addition of other similar restaurants in the area.

SEO Strategy

Emphasizing the efficiency of their take-out dining option, we were able to differentiate them from their competitors and performed crucial onsite optimizations that made their site more easily found by search engines and potential customers.

With our targeted keyword strategy, we were able to go for more competitive keywords and target several areas expanding our keyword range from Nashua to include Bedford, Marimac, Londonderry, and Kinsboro.

After working with us to optimize their online presence, our client now has 8 competitive keywords on the first page of Google, over 300 Google reviews, and is featured on both TripAdvisor and Yelp with extremely positive feedback.