Custom Charter Company in Key West, Florida

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    Key West, Florida
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Custom Charter & Excursions

This client owns a custom charter company in Key West, Florida. They offer sunset cruises and excursions for weddings, corporate events, and other types of parties.

When they joined us in April of 2019, their goal was to rank locally and increase traffic and visibility to their site. When we began our website analysis, some of their keywords were ranking somewhat, but still had a lot of room to grow to make it to page one on Google.

Several of their dedicated pages had rankings for sunset, stargazing, and wedding packages. We heavily targeted these pages because they had the most relevant copy. To avoid de-optimizing their website, we suggested separate pages for the other services they offered.

We then began targeting broader terms, such as charter cruise, cruise trip, and cruise company in Key West. This is a highly competitive market with many companies offering similar services, so we also published blogs to help differentiate them from their competitors and increase their website’s authority on Google.