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Marzullo & Associates worked with a game monetization software company to help improve their SEO. As a mobile game monetization platform, their product helps mobile games increase their revenue via in-game purchases.

They came to us to:

1) Improve their organic rankings  
2) Build their presence on a national scale

These tasks were difficult to do in such a competitive market. To achieve these goals, we built out a keyword strategy that would allow the client to rank quickly and effectively for a wide range of keywords on a national scale. We also performed crucial onsite optimizations that made their site more easily found by search engines.

The last part of our strategy was to create natural, conversational onsite copy to engage site visitors and keep them on the site longer. With our targeted and agile keyword strategy, the client now has 32 keywords on page one in only 7 months.

Not only are they getting national attention, they’ve also started to get international traffic to their site. They are now working with us to start building international SEO campaigns as they continue to expand their business.