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Last year, we had the pleasure of working with Investopedia on an ad copy project for a couple of their popular finance courses. The goal was to revamp the copy for textnote ads that appeared at the bottom of the site's articles.

They looked like this... 

The previous clickthrough rate (CTR) for two courses that cover investing for beginners and financial modeling was not very high. For the first ad, they initially ran the two variations of the copy in this screenshot.

Marzullo & Associates reworked the copy for this first ad and a separate financial modeling course to include more actionable language while fleshing out the benefits and pain points. The new text also incorporated a stronger use of "you/your" to create a bond with the reader.

Here's the updated copy:

Ad #1

Investing for Beginners

Learn to build a diversified investment portfolio focused on creating long-term wealth through this comprehensive investing basics course. Uncover the detailed methods you need to generate income, propel growth, manage risk, and make smart decisions in an ever-changing market.

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Ad #2

Become a Financial Modeling Expert

​Learn the fundamentals of business valuation in this detailed but easy-to-understand course. Use advanced spreadsheet techniques to build your own financial models that track profit and loss, predict performance, and help you make informed financial decisions.

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We used a confident tone of voice in each ad to reassure beginners, eliminate doubts, and overcome objections. These simple, but critical changes...

" doubled the clickthrough rate (CTR) of each ad set. "