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Promoting Your Podcast Interview


Lizeth Andrew


June 12, 2020

Congratulations, you’re going to be a podcast guest—now what? 

How do you promote it? 

What are the best ways to let people know to tune in, subscribe, and download “your” episode? 

We book you on complementary podcasts where hosts have a strong following—but that doesn’t mean you should sit back and let the host (and the podcast’s reputation) do all the work. 

After the interview, self-promotion is key. There are hundreds of thousands of podcasts, even more listeners, and even more potential listeners. Here’s how to promote your upcoming episode.

Promoting should include mentions in blog posts, and that includes your own blog (if you have one). And if you don’t have one, now is a good time to start one! Having a dedicated page on your website for blogs is a must, and as you get more guest spots you can add a tab for “interviews” or just general “media.” 

You should be able to embed audio at no additional cost on most website platforms, whereas embedding video requires an upgrade for a reasonable fee in most cases.

Remember that promoting your guest spot on your own website also helps with SEO. It drives organic traffic to your site and helps establish you, your brand, and your website as an “authority site.” 

You can also work on having a “featured blog” on complementary sites that aren’t direct competition. One way to work this angle is with “link exchanges.” 

In other words, you provide a guest blog for a different site that promotes your podcast interview and you feature their blog on your site. 

Getting Social with Promotion

Obviously social media is a critical part of promoting your podcast interview. Posting a teaser is a great way to pique interest, such as the intro of the interview followed by a call to action like “to listen to the full interview, subscribe here.” 

When possible, direct people to your website rather than the podcaster’s website. Social media promotion has become second-nature to most, but have some fun with it. Check out platforms beyond Facebook and Twitter. You can create a TikTok video teaser to tap into new audiences.

Don’t forget about adding the podcast to your newsletter. And if you don’t have a newsletter, a podcast interview is great material for your inaugural issue. 

Photos, quotes, graphics, and other engaging content will help your newsletter stand out. Add a pop-up to your website asking visitors to subscribe, and schedule a newsletter between once a month and once per quarter. 

Other Ways to Promote

What we’ve discussed so far are more aggressive ways to promote your podcast, but there are also subtler approaches. Include a short call to action and a link in your email signature. 

The average person sends a whopping 121 emails per day. All of those emails might not be to clients, potential clients, colleagues, or other “obvious” people who should watch the podcast—but you’d be surprised by the number of people you connect with who might click that link. 

It also doesn’t come off as promotional, which many people have developed a knack for “tuning out.” 

Of course, there’s also paid advertising which might be worthwhile for some podcast guests. Examples include Facebook’s targeted advertisements towards your ideal audience. 

However, paid advertising is a route that requires careful consideration—and is best left to the professionals. Another example might be paying an influencer on social media to promote your interview, but again it’s critical to gauge the possible ROI. 

There are so many options for paid advertising out there that it’s easy to get overwhelmed or end up choosing an option that doesn’t serve your purposes.

If paid advertising is something you’re interested in, talk to an expert to see the best use of your funds and approach. 

Otherwise, remember that promotion begins before the episode is recorded. Hype up the interview and explore various ways to get the word out.


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