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The Top SEO Benefits of Podcasting


Mikaela Delia


June 12, 2020

For those unfamiliar with search engine optimization (SEO), it’s exactly what it sounds like. SEO is comprised of a set of best practices for optimizing where you, your brand, and your podcast appear in search engine results. 

For many in the US and other Western countries, “search engine” is synonymous with Google. Google is the leading search engine in many countries, and sets the standard for what those “best practices” are. You might see the term “Google results” used interchangeably with “search engine results.”

Unfortunately, Google isn’t transparent about exactly what to do in order to please their search engine algorithm. However, there are non-Google experts who are committed to analyzing data in order to offer informed guidance on how to rank higher organically—which is the ultimate goal. 

This means that SEO is the reason why some websites appear first when you Google anything, including queries like “best camping podcast” or “podcast coronavirus Houston.” 

SEO Basics

Phrases put in the search engine are called “long-tail keywords” or keyphrases. They are different than the singular keyword search, like “podcast.”

The vast majority of people focus on their long-tail keyphrases because ranking highest for a single word like “podcast” is nearly impossible. Plus, single keywords usually don’t have enough information to really make it suitable for you or your brand. 

There are good ways (white hat) to rank higher with SEO and bad ways (black hat). Examples of white hat techniques include providing high-quality content on your website, including in the descriptions of your podcast and episodes. 

High-quality is considered non-plagiarized with premium writing that features “your” long-tail keyphrases naturally sprinkled throughout. Black hat tactics can include “keyword stuffing,” which means having those long-tail keyphrases saturating the content, sometimes to the point where it doesn’t make sense.

These are somewhat obvious examples of white hat and black hat “tricks,” but there are more subtle examples, too. It’s not always clear to a non-SEO pro what’s considered white or black hat—which makes it important to work with an SEO pro to create your content.

The Right Approach

SEO isn’t just about text, either. Increasingly, images and videos can play a role in guiding your SEO. This makes things even more complicated for those who want to rank higher for their keyphrases using white hat strategies. 

It’s critical to only abide by white hat approaches because if you try too many black hat techniques (even by mistake), Google and other search engines might penalize you by removing your website(s) from their search engine entirely. 

This means people will have to know your exact website’s URL to find you because you won’t show up in Google searches at all, no matter how exact those long-tail keyphrases are.

SEO is one of the primary ways your audience and future audience will find you. 

SEO and Podcasting

When you have a podcast or become a guest on a podcast, you naturally receive several SEO benefits. 

The first is in the form of show notes or blog posts. Many hosts write blog posts or show note summaries for podcast SEO benefits. This is one of the best and most underrated ways to acquire organic backlinks. 

Once published, each podcast always includes a show notes section which describes the nature of the episode, the guest, and any other relevant details. In this section, the host will almost always include a blacklink to their guest’s website and social media channels. 

Optimizing Meta Data

If you’re also a podcast host, you have the opportunity to optimize the meta data of each of your podcast episodes as well. Just like a blog post, publishers can easily optimize the meta titles and descriptions of each show they publish to their website. 

If you’re looking to maximize your SEO strategy, consider guesting on a podcast and hosting one as well.


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