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SEO Strategist

Valery Caputi Lopez

I'm Val the Idea Gal.

about me

Valery (a.k.a. Val the Idea Gal) is a multilingual copywriter who employs a winning mix of pop-culture savvy and technical-topic mastery to write copy that simply sells. With an MBA and a background in SEO, consumer behavior, and holistic content creation, Val makes sure that all our clients' copy is primed for audiences worldwide. Her work has supported New York Times best-selling authors, financial and media industry influencers, international search engines, and multiple software, product, and service companies.

my latest posts

How to Grow Your Brand from Podcast Guesting


Valery Caputi Lopez


June 12, 2020

You’re booked as a guest on a podcast—don’t let the potential of this moment pass you by.

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