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Hi, I'm Dan✌️

Hi, I'm Dan✌️

Empowering others to forge their own path and reach their potential—through 1:1 coaching, writing, workshops, and keynotes.

On the site you'll find articles, podcasts, book notes, and my newsletter Dan's Dispatch. I share ideas on work and entrepreneurship to help you build a career you're proud of.

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A few career highlights

I typically spend my days buried in a booth at a local coffee shop. Ideas flow best with a cup of coffee in one hand and a bagel in the other.

  • ‍Husband, father, bass player bringing the funky grooves
  • Founder & CEO of Drafted, a content marketing agency
  • Mentor for the UCCS Scale to $1M Boot-Up Camp
  • Career Development Instructor at ACC
  • Certified Entrepreneurial Mindset Facilitator
  • Former contributor at Forbes

I also co-host The Copy Corner Podcast with my good friend Terry. Tune in as we discuss entrepreneurship, content marketing, writing, and more. With surprise guests making appearances every once in a while, you won't want to miss these comical, yet thought-provoking episodes.

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Get in touch

✉️ Email – Reach out directly ( and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

🔗 LinkedIn – Let's connect! I'm most active on LinkedIn where I share ideas, contributed articles, and podcast appearances.

You'll find me in Colorado. 🏔️ 🚲 🏌🏻🎸