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How to build an antifragile mind

Daniel Marzullo
Daniel Marzullo
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How to build an antifragile mind
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Lately, my LinkedIn feed has been littered with posts of layoffs and more people #OpentoWork, especially in the tech space.

I've had more conversations than usual with others suffering setbacks in their businesses or getting let go from their roles as they try to figure out what's next.

When was the last time you experienced some adversity in your personal or professional life?

Maybe you can relate to the situation above. Or perhaps you're dealing with something else entirely.

Regardless of the circumstance, if you're human, your default reaction is likely to think of a challenge like this in a negative light.

Challenging times can obviously create more stress, overwhelm, or hardship in our lives.

But we often fail to recognize the other effect adversity has on us.

Adversity creates conditions for growth.

Think of adversity like a coin with two sides.

[Tails] are the painful consequences of adversity.

You may have lost your job, or your business is underperforming. These hardships could lead to a loss of income and more pressure on you to provide for yourself or your family.

[Heads] are conditions for growth.

A layoff may motivate you to launch that business you've always dreamed of. Or the slump in your current business pushes you to explore other revenue opportunities that you wouldn't have considered before, which ultimately unlocks a new level of growth beyond what you ever imagined.

If we train ourselves to see both sides of the coin during challenging times, we build a more resilient mindset while creating the best conditions to grow, bust through a plateau, try a new path, or take a risk we might not have before. 

Next time you face a challenging life event, ask yourself...

How can I exploit this situation for feedback and more growth?

Then, take it a step further by completing the following sentence...

I'm grateful for this challenge because ___________.

What progress wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for this difficult time?

Complete this exercise next time you are in what might feel like a less-than-ideal situation at first sight.

What type of adversity are you currently facing?

Reach out any time if you ever need someone in your corner to chat with about the struggles of entrepreneurship. 

My inbox is always open.

Your coach,

Dan Marzullo

P.S. By the way... whenever you’re ready, here's how I can help you:

Work with me 1-on-1 - Entrepreneurship is f*cking hard. Get coaching to help you build a business you love without losing your sanity.

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