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How to energy audit your work

Daniel Marzullo
Daniel Marzullo
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How to energy audit your work
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When was the last time you did an Energy Audit of your work?

If you ever feel like some parts of your work turbo-charge your day while others leave you running on empty, it might be time for an Energy Audit.

This exercise can be a game-changer if you feel unmotivated or uninspired by your work. Here’s how to do it...

Reflect on your typical workday. 

Which tasks make you feel like you're winning the Grand Prix, and which have you crawling to the pit stop? 

Write down all the tasks you perform on a typical day. 

First, let’s find all of the energy drainers.

Write down all of the tasks that:

  • Turn minutes into hours
  • Feel like you're slogging through mud
  • Leave you completely exhausted

Now, let's find your power-ups! 

List the aspects of your job that give you an energy boost.

Identify tasks that:

  • Make time fly by
  • Inject a burst of energy into your day
  • Make you feel invincible and accomplished

Here’s a visual to help you map this out…

Photo by

Stumped? Tomorrow, track every task during your workday, annotating each with a "+" for those energy boosts and a "-" for the energy zappers.

Tally up your energy ins and outs for a clear picture of your workday energy flow.

For every task with a "+" that energizes you, identify the strength behind it. Is it your burning desire to work on creative projects, your Sherlock-level problem-solving skills, or your leadership prowess? 

Identify all of those strengths shining through in your workday tasks.

Next, let's find out what's causing those energy leaks. What is it about the draining tasks that feel so tough? 

For example…

You may like working solo but get stuck in too many meetings. 

Or perhaps you're not a numbers person but spend lots of time analyzing data.

Now that you have a clear picture of your energy balance, how can you rework your day to maximize those highs and minimize the lows?

Every adjustment, no matter how small, is a step toward a workday that energizes rather than exhausts. Tailor your tasks to spend more time tapping into your strengths. Let the Energy Audit be your roadmap to a more fulfilling and energized work life.

How was this exercise? Would love to know what insights it unlocked for you.

To your success,

Dan Marzullo

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