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Do you know your flow triggers?

Daniel Marzullo
Daniel Marzullo
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Do you know your flow triggers?
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Have you ever been so engrossed in a challenging task that you completely lost track of time, experiencing immense joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment as you worked?

Have you ever found yourself seamlessly transitioning between jobs, with time flying by, and before you knew it, hours had passed?

That feeling you experienced is called flow.

Flow, or “being in the zone,” is a state of being fully immersed and engaged in an activity to the point where you feel a deep sense of enjoyment. 

For instance, when you’re in a flow state, you might feel:

  • In complete control of your situation
  • The task is effortless
  • A precision level of focus
  • Time speeding up or slowing down
  • A sense of enjoyment or fulfillment
  • Free from distracting thoughts 

But why should you care? 

Flow helps you solve challenges creatively, achieve difficult goals, and thrive in high-stress environments. I think we could all use more of that.

When do you notice yourself in a flow state?

Still trying to figure it out? Don’t worry! Most people are unaware of the unique conditions and preferences that lead them to a flow state.

One way to clarify your flow triggers is to create a flow profile. 

A flow profile is a personalized map of what helps you activate a flow state. With these insights, you can increase the likelihood of experiencing flow in everyday life.

Conditions that lead to flow are:

  • Well-defined goals
  • Challenges that are engaging but not overly frustrating
  • Immediate feedback, often in the form of positive emotions
  • Tasks that align with your skills and are enjoyable

Ready to identify your flow triggers? Complete the sentences below to create your flow profile:

I experience flow most often when I'm in…

[Insert Your Ideal Environment] 

(Examples: High energy environments or a peaceful, quiet, calm atmosphere)

When I’m in a flow state, I feel…

[Insert a Feeling] 

(Examples: energized, creative, calm, peaceful)

The time of day I most often find myself in flow is…

[Insert Time of Day] 

(Examples: early mornings before the chaos of the day or late in the evening)

My flow activities are…

[Insert Activities] 

(Examples: reading, writing, teaching, cooking, creating)

Creating a flow profile will give you a blueprint with your ideal conditions to enter a flow state.

Try the exercise for your personal and professional life to experience less stress, more satisfaction, and improve well-being.

To your success,

Dan Marzullo

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