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Your perfect day at work

Daniel Marzullo
Daniel Marzullo
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Your perfect day at work
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What does the perfect day at work look like to you?

Have you ever taken the time to think about it? If you could experience the perfect workday, what would you be doing?

Whether you're an entrepreneur, climbing the corporate ladder, or selling donuts out of the back of your car, it's essential to pause and reflect periodically on the work you're doing.

We get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of the day-to-day, checking off our to-do list until one day, we look up and wonder where we are.

Why are we doing what we're doing? How'd we get here?

Our work evolves over the weeks, months, and years as we grow our businesses, get promoted or change roles. If we forget to notice how we feel about our work as we evolve and grow as professionals, we might end up empty or unfulfilled.

The more your workdays reflect your current needs and desires, the more satisfied you'll be. And the only way we can make sure we do this at every stage of our journey is to pause, reflect, and recalibrate.

How? With the Perfect Workday Exercise.

Step 1: Build your list

Grab a blank sheet of paper. Draw a line down the middle, creating two columns. At the top, label the left side "My Typical Workday" and the right side "My Perfect Workday."

On the left, list all the activities that make up a typical workday chronologically. 

On the right side, visualize what a perfect day would look like and add the activities that would make for an ideal day. 

To visualize your perfect workday, ask yourself:

  • What would you accomplish on this day?
  • Where are you, and who are you with?
  • How would you structure this day?
  • How would you like to feel by the end of this day?
  • What words would best summarize this day?

Step 2: Reflect

Where are the discrepancies once you have a visual of your typical workday and your perfect workday? How different are the two days? Does your typical day allow you to utilize your strengths and live out your values?

What does your perfect workday tell you about what's important to you? What strengths are you using in your ideal day more than your typical day?

And finally...

What small steps can you take to get closer to making your perfect workday a reality?

My challenge to you

Complete this exercise regularly to ensure you're leading with intention and doing fulfilling and impactful work. Regardless of your career direction, this exercise will help you stay on course, utilizing your strengths and living your values.

Set a recurring calendar reminder to complete this exercise once every 3-6 months. 

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