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What's your freedom offer?

Daniel Marzullo
Daniel Marzullo
3 min read
What's your freedom offer?
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Are you longing for the freedom and flexibility to pursue your passions and create a life on your terms?

Everyone has a unique skill that can be packaged and sold as a service. It's the key to unlocking the doors to independence and fulfillment.

I call this your freedom offer.

A freedom offer has the potential to give you enough flexibility to quit your job and do what you love. This offer brings value to others and empowers you to forge your own path.

How do you find your freedom offer?

Finding your freedom offer is about discovering the intersection of your strengths, talents, core values, and desired impact. It's about identifying the one thing you excel at, the activity that ignites your enthusiasm and energizes you whenever you engage in it.

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What’s one thing you have to offer that you can do better than everyone else?

What triggers your three Es? What keeps you Engaged, Excited, and Energized?

If you haven’t yet launched a business, what’s one offer you could provide based on your unique advantage, that would bring tremendous value to others and yourself in the form of time and financial freedom?

If you're already an entrepreneur, what other offers can you build to create even more freedom in your life?

Try these discovery prompts to help identify the unique value you can provide.

The cornerstone of your business model is a great offer, or what Alex Hormozi calls a "grand slam offer."

A grand slam offer is so good you don't have to work as hard to sell it.

Photo by Alex Hormozi / $100M Offers

Here are the rules

  1. Your offer must provide obvious value and be easy to sell.
  2. It should be a service you can sell continuously for recurring revenue.
  3. You can fulfill the offer yourself or with a small team of contractors.
  4. There's little overhead and upfront cost.
  5. There should be a natural opportunity to create additional services for your clients, expanding your revenue streams.

Can you create one-off services? Absolutely.

But the key to a freedom offer is starting with one vital service that will generate predictable revenue to create a launchpad to do what you want.

Once you have your idea, run through the discovery canvas to validate it.

A real-life example

When I started Drafted almost seven years ago, we started with a standard content marketing offer. We were a team of writers that created long-form content for SaaS companies.

We existed to support marketing teams that didn't have enough bandwidth to execute their content marketing strategy alone.

We still offer this service today, which makes up about 50% of our revenue with very low attrition.

However, it's not the easiest sell.

There are some moving parts and a bit of collaboration required between us and the client to close the deal.

Years later, we introduced a PR service exclusively built around podcasts. I noticed a significant difference in the ease of selling. The offer was straightforward, quickly understood by prospects, and had a pricing model that made it refreshingly simple.

It was easy to explain on a sales call, and prospects immediately understood the value.

They just got it.

There have been several instances on sales calls where I'd present pricing and the prospect would say something like:

"Wow, this is super straightforward and simple. It's so refreshing to see."

Your freedom offer holds the key to living a life of independence and fulfillment. Align your unique talents and strengths with your values and the impact you want to make.

Take the time to explore and refine your offer, and don't hesitate to seek assistance along the way. Embrace the power of your freedom offer and unlock a world of possibilities.

Need help finding your freedom offer? Reach out. I’m here to help.

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