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Past issues

An unconventional approach to clarifying what matters to you
A year ago, I worked with an executive coach (Rick) who took me through an exercise that completely shifted my perspective. I was struggling to gain clarity around what I wanted to do next in my career. During one of our sessions he asked me: “During your childhood, what were
Kill The Feast or Famine Cycle for Good
If you’ve read through my guide or tried out any of the tools I mentioned, you probably know by now that I love to talk about prospecting. Why? Because it’s the single most important factor that separates those who go on to have 20+ year fulfilling businesses from
The Most Underrated Inbound Marketing Tactic
Outbound marketing is a great way to see the most immediate results for most service-based businesses (assuming you’re reaching out, following up correctly, and implementing a rock-solid sales process). However, it’s also important to have an inbound marketing strategy in place to help attract clie…
The Art of Pitching Yourself as a Podcast Guest
Podcasts are now a distinct marketing channel in their own right. As consumers, podcasts are pretty easy to tune into from our mobile devices, but it’s another task altogether to get picked as a podcast guest interviewee. You have to do your homework: researching each podcast and pitching yourself a…
Where is Your Next Client Coming From?
Most solopreneurs and early-stage entrepreneurs don’t know where their next client is coming from. Maybe you’ve started publishing a blog and sharing it on social to get the occasional DM from someone who needs your help. Or… Maybe you’ve joined a bunch of Facebook groups to “network”

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